Where Do All The Ideas Fit? Multi Passionate Entrepreneurs Feel The Pain.

This was a helpful conversation about offering multiple services/products – sometimes a client has a hard time wrapping their head around this one. This is a very easy way to think about it.

Think about your business like a house. All those ideas/services of yours are the rooms. You invite different people into the different rooms, the ones they may need, but not all of them all at once. Your business is the house. Your products and services are the rooms. 

This is what a business with diverse services is like. When you are a business owner or an entrepreneur exploring marketing options, business ideas, responding to market changes it’s easy to be pulled outside of that house. Come back to it. Build your strong foundation, and build onto it. Don’t build away from it – just develop its core. 

This particular Q was about focus and where to put your business energy when you have erm… a lot of it, and a lot of ideas.

Ideas are great and so are diverse services and products. Branding, clear messaging and internal guidelines hold these together.

I very much encourage new ideas. See where and how they fit in your home (erm… business).

I want to share 3 key things that help me stay on track when I instigate ideas and when I execute ideas.

  1. Brainstorm the heck out of the idea. Reframe, refine and then ignite.
  2. Catalogue the idea (have a process in place for brainstorming and planning) I like these apps coggle, evernote and my trusty microsoft office word/excel, maybe you prefer your sketch and note pad. Make sure you get it down, get it out of your head.
  3. Brand the idea/service. If your current brand is gaining traction, or has a good footing in the marketplace, use this. Brand under your current roof. This will help you with communicating and selling and staying in that brand recognition zone.  Another way to say this is “don’t recreate the wheel for every new idea”.

Have fun instigating your ideas and putting the great ones into play!


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