Take Back Control From To-Do List Overload.

Did you know you can visualize your way to clarity in your business and marketing? Well, at least that’s what I do. It may help you too.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur suffering from distraction and the overwhelm that comes with it, you may want to read on.


Take back control from to-do list overload.

Each child in my daughters grade three class has created a bucket-filling book. This is where the children can write a special positive message to help fill each other’s buckets and day with positivity. I got to be first to write in my daughters book. I wrote her a little note to spread positivity and encouragement. It’s as contagious as that flu that’s been hitting the classrooms!

I love that throughout the year her class will practice daily lessons of positivity, and YES I’m all about keeping these kinds of buckets full.

In business, a different message of buckets came up. Multiple times I hear from so many that feeling of overwhelm. Especially, when it comes to the myriad of marketing tasks entrepreneurs have to consider. To do this I have to do that, and first before that, I must do this.

Give yourself permission to re-write that story of feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re feeling the weight of any project, it can help to compartmentalize tasks. I like to visualize buckets with each having an individual task (single puzzle piece) that supports reaching the bigger picture. You know, that beautiful end goal.

Doing this keeps my mind clear enough to produce my best work on each piece of the puzzle. I take back the focus and my control over distraction.

You can create a to-do flow in your journal, on a white board, in your online folder. Whatever suits you, and make sure that it does. I love pen to paper, but digitally Evernote has been my go to.

Here is a simple process you can use to create your marketing bucket system.


Write it all down from the end goal to each daunting task you need to do to get there. Create a flow (the order of things). You’ll want to reverse engineer your way up to it (this is like retracing your steps from the finish line).

Scribble it all out. What’s important is that you get this out of your head and onto paper or the screen in front of you. You’ll have your big end goal prize in the bucket at the top of your flow, and now you can see building up to it, each smaller bucket with categorized puzzle pieces (tasks). This is a simplified approach that will help you stay focused. Eh hem, stay in one bucket at a time.



From your map, you can now create a filing system with individual buckets leading you up to your win. One step at a time. 1+1+1 = WIN!


Work on your buckets one at a time. You’ll feel clear and feel the space you have for each task.

Try my visualization exercise below.

Find a quiet moment/spot. I invite you to visualize a task that feels too big.

In your mind visualize a bucket (your big job), inside are many smaller buckets. Each with only one task resting inside (break it down, what is the easiest thing you can do first?). Remember only one task in each bucket. There is so much space in this bucket for you to reach in and grab your task. No clutter.

Picture how easy it is to reach into this first bucket and pick up the task. You work on the task, completing it, you gently put it back into the bucket, done. Share your gratitude for the task, and for you being able to finish it. Picture yourself as you move to the next bucket. Take time to think about how you feel. Imagine as you work your way through all the buckets. Moving towards having a fully complete bucket. How do you feel as you reach the end goal?

Clarity. Organized. Ease.

First published on the HuffPost Blog.


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