How Bad Do You Want This?

Ugh, that word again. Mindset. Can we talk about it?

How many times have you made the plans, but they didn’t launch? Booked the party, but failed to fill the room? You have the list, but do you use it? Have you filled out that editorial calendar, but you know your not working it… really. When you show up, do you really show up?
You say YOU WANT THIS, but do you?
Here’s the thing. You ask me what piece of the puzzle is missing. You feel like you’ve done everything in marketing and nothing gives. I’m going to tell you the truth.
That big piece of the puzzle my friend is you.

Richard Branson says “The one person who can make your business succeed is not an investor, or mentor. It is you.”

I feel this statement wholeheartedly. It’s about shifting your mindset baby!
Do you ever find yourself saying, “This is the last shot, the final leg, something’s gotta give?”
You’re right! Actually, if you’re saying it, then it’s about to give. This is the feeling before the shift.
It’s like a tug-o-war between working (you think on all the right things), and wanting and waning, and then the shift.
Suddenly, you’ve shifted and you can feel the change. You start acknowledging the things you haven’t put your whole heart into. For whatever reason, some pieces of the puzzle have fallen to the side. It’s these puzzle pieces that begin to matter, and you start to pick them up one by one.
You know, all those things you’re supposed to do (but haven’t). Now, you seem to do them, with energy and understanding. These are usually the things you hate. The things you’ve left on your list until last. If you’re an introvert I bet you’ve got picking up the phone, meeting the potential client, and following up with someone on this list. You’ve been focusing on perfecting your thing, your work, your website even.
I’m going to tell you three things today that will help you drive this shift.
  • Forget the to-do lists Do not take the time to write it on a list. That thing you need to do could be done before you’ve taken the time to write it down on a list. Like the proverbial Nike “Just Do It”.
  • Forget the to don’t lists The things that you need to do, but continue to put aside? If it’s that bad for you get someone else to do it. Immediately. Hire a professional for whatever that thing is or take it off the plate all together. Ask yourself, is it important?
  • Every day take immediate action Every morning get up and make your splash, create the ripple that sets waves into motion for the week and months ahead. Make the call, send the letter, create that thing. Take action. This is when you shift from wanting and waning.
Okay, I know you work hard. Keep working hard. What can you take from this message? Could you find the part that resonates with you, and use it?

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